Sep 29.2019

At the end of Sept.2019, We had to move out from the LOFT 49, Where  we have stayed for 15 years since our beginning. Saying goodby to the slightly dim space, we move to the bright new site, Dongxing Hechuangyuan, surrounded by hills. With those precious memories and touched moments we continue expanding our new story.

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Several Days in Ye Ma Ridge

Several Days in Ye Ma Ridge
Jun 11.2018

At a misty dusk in the early summer, a group of designers were invited to Reluctance Yema Ridge China Village Hotel to start their new life in Maling Village.In a few days staying in the mountains, the designers——the temporary villagers in Maling Village, lived and tasted their life here.

As for design and experience, the special lies in the affectionate gathering of friends. During three days in the mountain, the sounds of chickens and dogs can be heard; the friends are talking happily while drinking wine, and they are so indulged in the mountains and clear waters that they cannot help singing and dancing, and they have much enjoyment and forget to return home. Friends sit by the water and talk about the Yema Ridge. Six million stories may be hidden in the six-hundred-year-old little mountain village. Sixty people gathered here for three days and added another 600 stories. For gathering, a place with temperature is needed, and bosom friends are all the more needed. This is so-called “friend is the last hometown.”


Unrestrained and thinking nothing about this world .

The name is unknown in the historic records…

Therefore, it does not matter.

Wildness, deliberate or natural, or released from subconscious mind; getting rid of the stereotype and habits of your mind is a rare inner awareness.


It can be defined as a feeling that has never been experienced, or is irrelevant to wealth and social status, and can also be defined as the blessing of life, due to rarity, due to precious…

Luxury, if it is the deliberate and unthinking pursuit, it would fall into vulgarity;

Luxury, is a profound taste;

It is a taste of phenomenal experience after learning, understanding, and thinking.

Real luxury is freedom.

It’s the hardest homework in life, so feel free…

Freedom and transcendence are beyond the creation of all concepts, consciousness, and ideas; otherwise, it cannot be called freedom .

Freedom is the luxury laid in the deepest of life.

The traces of the design can be revealed in the wildness after the inner awareness

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